People pursue entrepreneurship for all kinds of reasons—they believe in their passion for creating a certain product, they are hungry for innovation, they want to be their own boss, they want to earn more money, and a lot more. Nothing wrong with any of that. However, these are not the only things you should be focusing on. Making money is wonderful and working on your own hours is cool. But at the end of the day, those are results. These are not focus points that where you should channel your energy into. As entrepreneurs, you should be focused on just one thing: creating value.

That’s it. Create Consult value. It is an endless cycle that you should do every single day. Create Consult value for other people. Create Consult value for your family. Create Consult value for yourself.

Create Consult

Avoid the distractions. Day in and day out, seek ways to create value for the ones that matter. You can find so many entrepreneurs getting busy with tasks that seem very important at certain times but are not related to creating value.

For example, are you one of those who spend hours responding to e-mail requests? How much of your daily time is invested in bookkeeping, in managing contractors, or in micromanaging? Yes, these things are crucial for stabilising your business operation. But then again, there is nothing there that creates value.

It is also true that chasing revenue is important to fuel your small business and keep it alive. However, there are entrepreneurs who are so caught up in making money that it has become the sole focus of their careers. Instead of asking, “how do I get revenue?” entrepreneurs should ask “how do I create value?”

At the end of the day, your clients are looking for reasons on how you can improve and add value to their lives, so you should remember that the more value you add to someone's life, and you can only get one’s trust if you are able to tell them, “hey, I can serve you in a way to add massive value to you”. Find ways of helping others and money will come to you, that is not a cliche, that is a fundamental principle of business.

Whether it be Jobs, Gates, Fields, Bezos, Corcoran, Branson, Winfrey, Robbins, Hsieh, Musk, or every single person in the book of successful entrepreneurs, there is one thing in common amongst these individuals—they offered value to the people. Much like here at Create Consult, we offer a business plan that helps other people refund their lost money. We believe that everybody can achieve financial independence by helping each other get back what they own making the profit in that process.

We Serve Our Customers Exactly Like We Like To Be Served, With Genuine, Old Fashion Service.