Q: I hate selling do I need to sell anything, or recruit friends & family or have to network because frankly I hate sales.

A: if you hate selling then you will love this business, because we are a service provider, there is simply No Direct Selling Involved – You don’t have to knock on doors or spend endless hours on the phone. All the information is there at your fingertips, to operate this business. There is No Network Marketing – This programme is not a residual income, it’s a business you need to work and run – Isn’t it time you got financial reward for the work YOU put in?

Q: I worry about business costs is there advertising or marketing expenses involved with this business?

A: The claim of lost monies is very unique – the customer is already known & already there you potential customers are all captive audience so to speak. So there is No Advertising Expenses - You don’t need to run adverts, splash your name all over the internet etc to generate business, this is a very simple yet very lucrative business.

Q: Business usually means alot of money, and this worries me;

A: Aside from the program purchase & fees your costs are miniscule there is very small start up costs here (usually under $1000, which in business terms is absolutely miniscule!) - unlike many businesses this business only requires business set up, computer & phone, some stamps and basic business branding and presence, so you are in profit fast!

Q: How do I know this is right for me and the program is good?

A: Myriam Borg is the founder of the lost money claim industry in Australia & New Zealand, she wrote the book and industry bible the Claims Coordination Program. Simply put No Other Program Like It - This is a limited opportunity for 20 people at one time due to the one on one support provided by Myriam.

Q: I am ITPHOBIC, is there complex software or IT techie stuff involved here?

A: Myriam is computer challenged herself:J! So absolutely not there is No Software Component - You don’t have to be a computer genius to work the program, we use ‘everyday’ standard programs like word. The KISS (keep it simple stupid!) principle is our favorite!

Q: I have never been in business before and frankly I am scared.... don’t get me wrong I want my own business, but what if I need support??

A: The program comes with 12 months Support complimentary - We leave no one ‘wondering’ ­ You have access to an invaluable 12 months of support, we want to help you succeed.

Q: I worry about competition and the future of the business, is it sound?

A: With over $120 Billion dollars in lost funds and more being lost and added to the bucket every day the future of this industry is bright and looking brighter! The Astonishing Fact is this - 95% of people leave an uncovered amount of money somewhere and don’t know it’s ever there.

Q: I am interested in starting my own portable business but I am not prepared to pay for a business

A: If you are not ready to invest in yourself and your future then we can not help you. We are not about deluding you or promising unrealistic conditions, in business as in life there no such thing as a 'free lunch' and at Create we are only wanting to work with people who are driven, committed and hungry to succeed - these people are fully ready to invest in their future and success.

To start any business you can do only one of 4 things;

1. start it from scratch (and you do need to be brilliant and have luck on your side to have a fighting chance at this! To say it mildly- the failure rate here is 98%)

2. you can buy a licence to run a business which has a successful model & business mentoring (this is the cheapest way at any business success and what we offer for the Refund Business program, which comes with 12 months support), This is the most economical, most flexible and surest way to start in business and so this is our model of choice.

3. you can pay about $100,000 to $300,000 and buy a franchise – this gives you a strong structure & support but also places restrictions on you, you have a decent chance of success there, or

4. you can buy a business as a going concern which normally costs between $350,000 to 2 million for anything that is actually making a good income­ you have a good chance at success as its already operating.If a business system does not cost money, you should run a mile- because as we said, there is no such thing as a free lunch and in the business world if someone offers you a free lunch you run a mile simply because they are stringing you along for something nasty. Instead of being scared you should trust your own judgment and go for it if it checks out!

We have placed this amazing opportunity at a very affordable price range, under $5000 – most people spend this kind of money on a TV unit & a sofa in a single afternoon without batting an eyelid­ they see the TV or sofa as“essential” but a business licence which can be a golden goose for cash flow is perceived as risky, this is how silly people are and then they wonder why they struggle in life. I would rather take risk after risk in business in order to create a strong comfortable business for myself than pacify myself into thinking I am so clever for not spending money on business. Here’s a fact any self-made multi-millionaire like myself knows; money spend in the business world is never wasted. Ever.

Q: I would like to know a little more about the program? and what to expect before committing financially

A: The program is basically the blueprints or roadmap if you like the money refund industry - it is THE new Refund agents’ bible. There is no additional or hidden costs to this business program we are refreshingly upfront, aside from the Refund Business program fees your only costs are for your basic business set up (cost between $300-$700, depending on your situation, preference & budget. The Claims Coordination Program gives you everything you need and step by step guide to get set up, and trading in as little time as possible.

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