Inspiring People With My Story

Robin Hood was my childhood idol. As the most famous English outlaw of all time, he lived outside the protection of the law and was a law unto himself.

But he was no common criminal because his entire purpose was to defend the underdog against oppression.
He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor. Now the poor did not fear Robin Hood. His enemies are the rich and corrupt, especially the Sheriff of Nottingham and the bad apples in the Church like the Abbot of St. Mary’s and the Bishop of Hereford.

As you have probably guessed, his story stayed deep within my psyche for decades because I often felt oppressed as a child. I didn’t come from a wealthy family and I constantly heard my family talk about how all the government did was take, take, take with their taxes (and now the gst).

His spirit remained with me for years. And while some of my friends wanted to grow up and become movie stars, ballerinas, athletes, musicians… Me, I wanted to grow up and become a modern day Robin Hood.

And ever since I saw the show about lost and unrecovered funds held in trust for refund purpose 18 years ago, I have devoted my life to helping good people track the money they are owed and ensuring ALL of their monies and assets ends up back to its rightful owner; its the right thing to do.

They win. I win. The government gives the money back to its rightful owner.

I have done a good job. Directly through my own recovery and refund work and indirectly via educating others to refund lost funds ethically and profitably, I have helped people recover hundreds of millions of dollars in lost and unrecovered funds and assets. We work diligently to right the wrong of people losing billions of dollars of their own money and the government taking that money as public revenue as consolidated revenues- legal but very very wrong on the part of our government. Refund agents recovery and refund those monies righting this injustice.

So in many ways I have become a modern day Robin Hood helping people claim back the money that is rightfully theirs. Only I am not an outlaw because everything I do is completely legal and by the book.

However, I also realise that Robin Hood would have never become such a legend if he didnt have a team working along with him.

And there are literally millions of people who need help to claim their lost super. I want to help as many people as possible.

Even though I have a number of different sources of income, and could make more than I need by just plodding along. I still advertise and promote to find people to join my Robin Hood Clan.

I have sworn before I die that I am going to help as many people as possible to get a refund back on all their lost monies held in trust. I desperately hope you will sense my sincerity in all of this, and be motivated to check out what I have to offer.

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