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Terms & Conditions

The material presented in the Refund Consulting Program is for information purposes only without any representations or warranties, express or implied. Offered solely to provide the purchaser with information relating to the Refund business model, NO promises or guarantees have been made in relation to your likelihood of success in establishing this or any other business, the purchaser is responsible for making your own assessment as no liability (in contract, tort or otherwise) is accepted by our company for any loss or damage incurred by you.Irrevocable agreement to commercial restriction; you the purchaser agree that you as the licensee of our company you are restricted from selling or disclosing or teaching any information relating to the unclaimed money industry in any form or structure for a period of 15 years from date of this agreement. A strict condition of purchaser of The Refund Consulting Program is that it is used solely to establish a Refund business for the purchaser and not for any other use. Any other use of this package or its information is strictly prohibited and attracts damages as set by our company. You are expected to keep the outlined Refund business concept, model and its operation confidential and not disclose any of its information to a third party, or other entity, person, except in the instance of a sale of your Refund business in the future, or statutory authorities as required only to completing the related tasks. You hereby provide our company with irrevocable authority to debit all funds owed to us under this agreement. You as the purchaser indemnify our company and its owners including but not limited to all costs and liability arising from your actions, or current or future business operations. The Refund consulting program is intellectual property in nature and has a strict no refund policy. In the instance of a default on any payment due will void all support & all guarantees under this contract immediately, and the total of the balance outstanding will be payable in full immediately. There will be a 1% daily interest incurred on the total amount owing for every day that your account is in default from the due date as per your contract. Additionally the debt will be listed as a default on your credit report. This contract is executed under the laws of the state of NSW and only allowed to be addressed under NSW jurisdictional law. The offer of our products is solely on the basis of the conditions and conditions in this contract acceptance of our products & services is an automatic acceptance of our term of use & conditions.

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